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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketting

Give your business a personality and a microphone.

Don’t worry, we’ll do all the work. We’ll set up your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter YouTube pages and find you more followers and fans

than you thought possible. By interacting with your audience, we’ll keep your products in front of consumers where they belong.



 All about a fresh, unique, creative presence, using words and images to emotionally connect with your target market. It’s about credibility, followed by client confidence. It’s about defining your product or service so it separates out from the noise of the competition. It is an attitude. It’s integrating this presence, consistently into all your promotional tools. It’s being seen, remembered and sought after.

First impressions count for everything in the world of business, so those initial interactions are crucial. The company logo is the first thing that the majority of your potential audience will see. If it doesn’t grab their attention and spark a seed of interest, you could lose out on a customer before you’ve even had a chance to win them over.
As a company, one of your biggest challenges is encouraging customers to make a link between your business and positive thoughts. If your logo design can do this, it will become one of your greatest assets.



 BTL Marketing is short for below-the-line marketing, which refers to an advertising strategy in which products are promoted through nontraditional channels. One of the reasons that below-the-line marketing is preferable in many cases is because of it is more affordable. Paying for advertisement space in traditional media channels can be expensive

This form of marketing is effective at gaining the attention of consumers by directly placing the product in front of them rather than hoping an advertisement catches the customer’s attention. The advantage of below-the-line marketing is that it is targeted and affordable, in contrast to above-the-line marketing.



Above the line (ATL) communication is intended for a wider audience, In ATL marketing traditional, high-reach media is used. These mass media channels are: television, radio, print media, As ATL advertising, includes more conventional media, communication language, and messages are created in that manner so that a wider spread of the audience can understand them easily.

The main purpose of ATL advertising is to reach out to customers, build visibility and brand awareness, promote a product or a service. So, ATL ads are mostly used to promote brands and reach out to a wider group of consumers.


CCTV Survillance System

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Website Design & Development

Website Design

Having a website makes it very easy for people to find you, read up about your company, what you do and answer a bunch of questions they have on your company, which can be answered by website.

Your website can also act as a data center for both your own employees, customers and your prospects.  We at Pali Technology believe in having professional and easy to understand website
which when visited your prospect client or by your own employees will have easy time.   


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